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Lease of Land law

  • The Law of Lease of Land

      • This area of law describes the rules and regulations applicable to the contractual leasing of property by a lessor (landlord) to a lessee (tenant)
        for a fixed amount of money and for temporary period of time.

        Lease agreements are regulated, amongst others, by the Rental Housing Act (RHA), the Rental Housing Amendment Act 35 of 2014, and
        the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA).

        The Rental Housing Amendment Act protects both the landlord and the tenant from illegal or unfair practices by the other party, and ensures that
        the Act is easily understood and legally enforced. It is important for landlords and tenants to familiarize themselves with the changes made
        to the RHA and how these changes will impact them.

        Under the CPA there are important changes to the law governing lease agreements:

        • A tenant may legally terminate the lease agreement prematurely, provided that 20 business days notice was given to
        the landlord;

        • The maximum duration of a lease agreement is 24 months;

        • After the expiry, the lease continues on a month to month basis unless the tenant agrees to a further fixed term.
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