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Science and Technology Law

  • Science and Technology Law

      • This branch of law governs the scientific and technological organizations, individuals involved in scientific and technological
        activities as well as the organization of scientific and technological activities.

        The national system of innovation (NSI) is an enabling framework for science and technology, and is central to the country’s prospects for
        continued economic growth and socio-economic development. South Africa’s prospects for improved competitiveness and economic
        growth rely, to a great degree, on science and technology. A growing percentage of wealth in the world’s largest economies is created by
        knowledge-based industries that rely heavily on human capital and technological innovation.

        The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research was established in 1945 and aims to improve the quality of life of all the people of South
        Africa through scientific or industrial development, either on its own or with principles from the private or public sectors. It uses photonics,
        robotics, and ICT (information and communications technology) as its modelling and research facilities for its work in energy, health, industry,
        defence and security, and the build or natural environment. Listed below is some of the legislation governing the Department of
        Science and Technology:

        • Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act 51 of 2008 which provides for the more effective
        use of intellectual property emanating from publicly finances research and development;

        • Technology Innovation Act 26 of 2008 promotes the development and exploitation in the public interest of discoveries, inventions,
        innovations and improvements;

        • Natural Scientific Professions Act 27 of 2003 legislates the registration of professional natural scientists;

        • South African National Space Agency Act 36 of 2008 promotes space science research, cooperation in space-related activities,
        and the creation of an environment conducive to the development of space technologies by industry.

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