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Personal Injury Law

  • Personal Injury Law

      • Personal injury claims are based on negligence, intentional liability and strict liability.


        Every person is expected to act in a way that does not harm or injure others. Failure to adhere to these standards is termed negligence.
        Negligence is the most common type of personal injury liability and is central to motor vehicle claims, slip and trip cases, and medical malpractice claims.

        Intentional liability:

        This arises when a person harms another on purpose. It can be in the form of physical assault or battery, the theft of personal possessions,
        fraud and defamation of character or trespassing. This type of injury can also lead to criminal charges being laid against the defendant in the civil case.

        Strict liability:

        In this case the injured party does not have to prove negligence or fault for legal liability to be imposed on the offender. The only prerequisite for
        strict liability is an act occurred, and that act directly harmed or injured a person. Examples include dog bite cases and defective product claims.

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