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As a leading firm of attorneys in KwaZulu-Natal we will strive in the best interests of each client to: • Give expert advice in specialised fields; • Constantly improve the professional services we offer; • Act professionally, objectively, honestly and independently at all times; • Offer an efficient, sensible and practical approach to solving clients' problems; • Provide a consistently high standard of accurate documentation; • Make the best use of the latest office technology and equipment; • Employ and promote a contented, enthusiastic, hardworking staff so that clients and others enjoy working with our firm; • Develop a thorough knowledge of our clients' affairs so as to respond effectively to their particular needs; • Acknowledge our duty as lawyers to uphold the rule of law and traditions of fairness and equality before the law. We know that enduring relationships with our clients are built on excellent service. You may expect from us: • high standards of integrity and confidentiality • innovative business-like solutions • objective and realistic advice • avoidance of conflicts of interest • commitment and accessibility • fair and competitive fee charges • a total legal service • a real commitment to equal opportunity, empowerment and • transformation within our firm and in our society

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  • DBM Office Park,Cnr Memel Road and Allen Street,Newcastle,Newcastle,Battlefields,KwaZulu Natal -
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Johan de Jager

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