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When people hear the word "attorney" or "laywer" they are often left with the image of dark court rooms, black gowns, thick law books, difficult latin words and people shouting "I rest my case". Sometimes this is indeed what you want. Sometimes however you simply want someone who has your best interest at heart, a partner who can assist you with the legalities in buying or selling a property. You require someone who understands how important this asset is to you and who is available to explain this process to you and guide you along the way. We at Uys Attorneys strive to do this. We are ordinary people (with the necessary expertise) who go to extraordinary lengths to make the purchase and sale of your property is as "ordinary" (i.e. simple) as possible

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  • 630 Rupert Street,Brooklyn,Pretoria,Brooklyn,Tshwane Metropolitan,Gauteng -
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