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June Stacey Marks Attorneys

Today’s business environment is a swirling tornado of change and risk. June Stacey Marks Attorneys is an eagle flying above the storm and calmly guiding your company to safety. The legal eagles of June Stacey Marks Attorneys have built a safe nest of experience, resourcefulness and capability to provide a safe haven for your business. Our strong wings will guide your matters through the churning winds of the legal system while our talons maintain an unshakeable grip on the solution. The path is difficult and strewn with rocks but our sharp gaze pierces the abyss and focuses on the heart of the matter steering your business to a successful solution. Our eagles are tenacious and while other birds fly away from the storm in fear our eagles spread their mighty wings and uses the current to soar to even greater heights. Eagles takes advantage of the very storm that lesser birds fear and head for cover. Our brochure may be found on our website www.junemarksattorneys.co.za or on the link http://www.junemarksattorneys.co.za/JSMAttorneyBrochure.pdf June Stacey Marks Attorneys has flown to great heights in a number of High Profile matters including:

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  • Block G,Pinmill Farm,164 Katherine Street,Sandton,Sandton,City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality,Gauteng -
  • 731903712
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June Marks

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