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Family Law

  • Family Law

      • Family law is concerned with the legal rules pertaining to family matters and domestic relations.

        The following crucial aspects are covered in family law:

        • Your rights when divorcing and the monetary aspects relating to divorce;

        • Maintenance issues;

        • All factors regarding children, including how to implement a parenting plan, the amount of child maintenance required, and how
        to file for maintenance and child support.

        • The procedures to obtain a protection order (domestic violence or abuse);

        • An unmarried father’s rights;

        • The law on cohabitation, same-sex marriages, and how to draft a proper cohabitation agreement.

        Members of the public should also be aware of the change to Rule 43 Applications (interim relief to a spouse in divorce proceedings, in respect
        of maintenance, pending the litigation). The change introduces a mandatory uniform financial disclosure form in matrimonial matters. This
        form should result in reduced time and costs associated with discovery, and hopefully encourage early settlement.
        Hi, I’m Kailash Pillay, an attorney from the city of Johannesburg. My passion for the law
        stems from a desire to improve upon the lives of the vulnerable who fall prey to a
        corrupt system.
        I studied at the University of Johannesburg where I obtained my Bachelor of Laws
        degree, the starting point to the long journey of becoming a legal practitioner.
        This profession has taught me to persevere through the complexities of the law and to
        continually develop my skills as a legal professional.