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Education Law

  • Education Law

      • Education law is a collection of legal rules that govern or regulate relationships and activities within the domain of education in order to
        make the school conducive for teaching and learning. This field of law covers the legal balancing of human rights in the educational practice.

        Educators are expected to have a working knowledge of relevant legislation so that they can understand the legal processes and
        principles and determine the legality of their decisions.

        The importance of educators having knowledge of education law:

        • To assist educators in making valid and lawful decisions;

        • Educators will be more aware of their own rights and obligations as well as those of other parties;

        • Educators must be aware of the relevant legal principles and requirements;

        • The particular position that educators occupy has many legal implications, especially in terms of accountability for negligence;

        • Education law describes the authority of the educator;

        • Educators who are aware of the demands of the law can make better provision for the safety of the children compared to those
        who are ignorant of the law;

        • Education law provides a clear framework of the role of the educator as a professional person;

        • Successful teaching depends on the manner in which legal prescriptions such as education policy, rules and regulations are
        applied. Only educators who understand education law will know how to interpret policy and correctly implement procedures, rules and regulations.

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