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Civil Rights Law

  • Civil Rights

      • Civil rights are the protections and privileges given to all citizens by law. As opposed to human rights which are the rights that
        individuals have from birth.

        Category of civil rights:

        The right to privacy

        The right to peaceful protest

        The right to a fair investigation and trial if accused of a crime

        The right to vote

        The right to personal freedom

        The right to freedom of movement

        The right to equality before the law

        When citizens find that their civil rights are not being granted, they may form civil rights movements to claim equal protection for all
        citizens. They may also call for new laws to stop current discrimination.

        The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations Organisation and helps to motivate and
        encourage civil rights movements in many different countries.

        Hi, I’m Kailash Pillay, an attorney from the city of Johannesburg. My passion for the law
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