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Advertisement of Lost Certificate

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Advertisement of Lost Certificate

Advertisement of Lost Certificate

If you have lost or misplaced your share certificates of any company, you need to immediately inform the police and respective company, of which you had the shares. You will be required to quote the folio number and details of share certificates to the company for their reference Certain steps should be followed by the shareholders and Company when the Share Certificate of a shareholder is lost or misplaced:

Steps to be taken by Shareholders

Shareholders should take the following steps after the loss or misplacement of their Share Certificate:

• the shareholder should immediately inform the company about the lost or misplaced share certificate;

• the communication of the information can be done through a letter to the address of the company, or an email can be sent to the company. This serves as proof of keeping the company informed;

• the details of the lost or misplaced share certificate need to be disclosed. This includes the name, address, folio number, and share certificate number.

Steps to be taken by the Company

The Company should take the following steps after loss or misplacement of a Share Certificate:

• once the information is received of the lost or misplaced share certificate, the company should freeze the transfer for at least 30 days to prevent any fraudulent transfer or illegal proceeding of the transfer.

• after completing the procedure of company registration, the entity should guide the shareholder on the issue of a duplicate share certificate once the shareholder’s identity is established.

What are the Documents Required for the Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate?

The Documents required for the Issue of a Duplicate Share Certificate are as follows:

• prepare an indemnity bond agreement on non-judicial stamp paper.

• an affidavit is prepared on a non-judicial stamp paper.

• F.I.R should be filed with the police with full information on the lost Share Certificate. The details required of the Share Certificate are as follows:

1. name on the share certificate;
2. folio number on share certificate;
3. share certificate number;
4. the distinctive number of shares.

An advertisement should be published in the newspaper about the fact of the lost share certificate.

There are companies which will take the ad charges and place the ad on your behalf. This charge may vary from company to company. Or, at times, a company may allow the share holder to publish the ad on his own after obtaining the ad format from the concerned company. Then, the copy of the ad is sent to the company as a proof.

Once this procedure is completed, a duplicate share certificate is issued to the shareholder (if there is no objection to the same within the time frame mentioned in the public notice).

While looking for right place to advertise the lost certificate in the newspaper, the most important things to consider are the cost factor, the ad design, creativity and the type of ads being placed.

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