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Determination of South African Citizenship

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Determination of South African Citizenship (Namibia)

Determination of South African Citizenship (Namibia)
An applicant can apply for the confirmation of their South African status, which may include citizenship or permanent residency. These
applications are referred to the South African Department of Home Affairs where the information will be checked against the National
Population Register. The Department will thereafter issue you with a letter confirming if you are a South African citizen or permanent resident.

Information Required for the Application:

The Department of Home Affairs requires the following information to determine the South African citizenship status for a current Namibian
citizen, which must be submitted by the relevant person who is seeking citizenship:

1. Form BI-529 to be fully completed in block letters and in black ink (accessed on www.LawyersEzyFind.co.za).

• Applicants are requested to fully and accurately complete all parts of this Form;
• Questions that are not applicable should be marked as ‘n/a’;
• If answers to certain questions are not known, they should be marked as ‘do not know’.
• ‘Identity number’ refers only to South African 13-digit identity
numbers and should therefore not be completed if it is unavailable or unknown.
• Applicants should include a valid mobile phone number and email address in order for the Department to contact you regarding any
queries or to inform you of your citizenship status.

2. in the case of applicants born in South Africa, an original or certified copy of the South African birth certificate reflecting the full details of both parents;

3. in the case of applicants born in Namibia, a fully completed Namibian Questionnaire (available on request at the Department of Home Affairs);

4. in the case of applicants born outside South Africa, an original or certified copy of the foreign birth certificate reflecting the full details of
both parents, and accompanied by an English translation by a sworn translator, if the original birth certificate is not in English.

5. an original or certified copy of South African passport and/or identity document, if available;

6. an original or certified copy of the foreign passport;

7. an original or certified copies of the father’s South African passport, identity document or immigration permit, if applicable and/or available;

8. an original or certified copies of the mother’s South African passport, identity document or immigration permit, if applicable and/or available;

9. a self-addressed A4-size envelope franked with postage stamps to the value of R 69, 91to mail the issued document and any personal
original documents, alternatively, an applicant may collect the issued document in person from the Department.

Application Fee:

It is important to note that there is no application fee for the determination of South African citizenship, therefore an official of the Department cannot request payment from you.

Duration for Determination:

In terms of the timeframe for the determination of your citizenship status, the intra-departmental movement of the application and tracing of
original records in the register held by the Department of Home Affairs is a time consuming task, with the result that these applications may take up to six (6) months to process.

Applicants should be immediately notified as soon as the citizenship status has been received by the Department in Pretoria, and are
therefore requested not to contact the office unnecessarily for progress reports. In the event that the application takes longer than six (6) months applicants are then permitted to contact the Department.

Due to the long-term nature of such applications, applicants are requested to keep the Department informed of any change of address during the processing period.

Relative of a Citizen/ Permanent Resident of South Africa:

In the case of a prospective Namibian citizen who wishes to apply for a permanent residence permit on the basis of being a family member of a
South African citizen or permanent resident within the first step of kinship, the following documents are required:

• Fully completed application Forms;
• Photographs: two recent colour passport-type photographs;
• Passport: Valid original passport;
• Birth Certificate: Unabridged Birth Certificate;
• Medical Report: the report must not be older than 6 months;
• Radiological reports: All applicants 16 years and older (excluding pregnant women);
• Police clearance certificate which is only accepted if issued by the relevant police authority;
• Marriage Certificate: unabridged marriage certificate or proof of registration of customary marriage or documentary proof of
cohabitation as well as the extent to which the related financial responsibilities are shared by the parties;
• Divorce Certificate: divorce decree(s) or proof of legal separation as well as all the relevant court orders regarding custody and maintenance of
children and previous spouse(s). This proof of maintenance is required irrespective of whether or not the applicant has since re-married;
• Education: detailed curriculum vitae - including highest educational, trade or professional certificates evaluated by the South African
• Proof of kinship: relationship confined to biological or judicially
adoptive parents, biological or judicially adopted children or a spouse;
• Proof of cohabitation: Proof in the form of communal accounts or other documents reflecting cohabitation;
• Undertaking by citizen: undertaking from South African citizen/resident regarding financial, medical and emotional responsibility for applicant.
(this is not applicable where the relative is the parent of a minor child of a SA Citizen/resident);
• Confirmation from citizen: confirmation that the South African citizen/permanent resident did not obtain residence in terms of section
27(g) of the Immigration Act. This section provides that applicants do not qualify for citizenship if they are applying under a South African
minor child or applicants applying through permanent residence holder who obtained status as a result of a relative.

The first part of the above section entails that an applicant with minor children are no longer able to apply for permanent residence until these
children are able to financially support the applicant.

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