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Application for the Re-issue of an Identity Document

The issuing of identity documents is essential, as every country has to have some form of identification in respect of its citizens. In terms of the
provisions of section 25 of the Identification Act 68 1997, all South African citizens and permanent residents, 16 years and older, must be in possession of identity documents.

In the event that you require the re-issuing of your ID book, an application can made to the Department of Home Affairs by completing
the Form BI-9 accessed on www.LawyersEzyFind.co.za and paying the prescribed fee of R140.00. The purpose of this Form is for the taking of
fingerprints and the subsequent verification to confirm identity.

An application for re-issuing can be made in the following circumstances:

• If you are married and want to assume the surname of your spouse. You must submit a copy of your marriage certificate, a
completed application Form mentioned above, and pay the required fee;

• If you are a woman and want to apply for a new ID in the name of any of your previous surnames, then documentary proof showing
you are entitled to use that surname must be provided (birth certificate, marriage certificate or so on) along with the completed Form and pay the required fee;

• If your ID book has been lost, stolen or damaged. You can request a Temporary Identification Certificate at a cost of R70.00. This will
serve as proof of identity while Home Affairs processes your new ID book;

• Your personal particulars have changed;

• Your citizenship status has changed;

• You are temporarily living abroad and have previously had a South African ID. The completion of the Form is to verify the applicant’s
South African citizenship, therefore all South African citizens who are abroad at the time of lodging the application must complete this Form fully.

Former South African citizens by birth or descent who have renounced their South African citizenship are required to submit an original or certified copy of their renunciation certificate.

It is important to provide your cellphone number in your application so that you can receive regular updates on the progress of your application.
The process to re-issue your identity document takes approximately four weeks.

Delays in the process of re-issuing:

Numerous handovers create opportunities for documents to be lost, stolen or incorrectly processed and lead to unnecessary delays and
bottlenecks (congestion). Illustrating the extent of the problem, the Director General reported a backlog of over 600 000 records awaiting processing at the fingerprint capturing point in Pretoria.

Once completed, original records are housed in poorly managed filing systems in two venues in Pretoria. All registrations prior to 1991 (107 million)
and after September 2004 (17 million) are in the form of paper records only with no backup or electronic copies.

As an applicant you should be aware of the delays created by the Department of Home Affairs in order to avoid these as far as possible:

• Partial information provided:

Applicants are not provided with the full list of requirements for their application at the first visit. Applicants were typically informed
by Home Affairs to bring a document / witness, and thereafter when they returned, they were given the next instruction. As a
result, most applicants had to endure multiple visits to Home Affairs for a single application.

• Delayed / misplaced ID applications: The Department has committed to ensuring that all applications for identity documents will be correctly processed within the following

- Re-issue – 4 weeks
- First issue – 6 weeks
- Late registration of births – 12 weeks
- Temporary ID certificate – 7 days
ID applicants are (theoretically) issued with an Acknowledgement of Receipt Form once an application is lodged. Applicants who are
not notified that their ID has arrived then have return to the office where the application was lodged to query the status of their

If the application was submitted, Home Affairs officials are able to search online using Track and Trace, and update clients on the
status of their application. Missing applications remain an issue of concern, despite the introduction of Track and Trace. The
Acknowledgement of Receipt given to applicants is not sufficient proof of application to guarantee the delivery of an ID
document. Some applicants are not issued with receipt at all. And others are issued with receipts which contain none of the detail necessary to trace the application.

• Incorrect or incomplete applications:

One of the primary reasons why applications are rejected in Pretoria is that they are submitted by Home Affairs officials from
local service points with incomplete or incorrect information. Problems with front office inaccuracies include errors in capturing
information, insufficient or incorrect supporting documentation, poor fingerprinting and incompletely filled out application forms.

The Department does not actively contact applicants to resolve the matter. The duty therefore lies on the applicant to continually query
the status of the application and to determine if further information was required.

Correcting the problem

The Identification Act 68 of 1997states that if an identity document does not reflect correctly the particulars of the person to whom it was issued,
the person concerned must immediately hand the document over to Home Affairs for correction, cancellation or replacement.

According to the DHA website (www.home-affairs.gov.za) and handbook (Department of Home Affairs 2005), any information on an identity
document which is incorrect as a result of a Departmental error, will be corrected free of charge. The applicant is, however, required to provide
substantiating documentary proof in respect of any changes that need to be made. In instances where duplication occurs, details need to be

forwarded immediately to the Departments Head Office for further action.

The regulations state that it is an offence for an individual to use an identity document / birth certificate with incorrect particular. Any person
contravening this is subject to a penalty or imprisonment for up to five years. Mistakes that are made by the Department can therefore result in
legal action being taken against innocent people.

Despite the gravity of incorrect / duplicate documents, the Department does little to actively support attempts by applicants to have details
corrected. In almost every case, applicants met with resistance from Home Affairs officials when they tried to correct their documents and they were expected to pay for amendments.

The Department of Home Affairs explained that in order to resolve the matter of duplications, the department had to track down both ID
holders, and obtain both sets of fingerprints. Applicants have to provide proof of birth and pay for a second application. Each client would then

be issued with new and different ID numbers, together with confirmation letters stating that their ID numbers have been officially changed. Which is a lengthy and difficult process

Different departmental officials provided different information on the procedure regarding charges for correction of errors. Certain applicants
were informed by an official that if the applicant noticed the error immediately, on handover, the information was corrected free of charge.
Other applicants were informed by an official that they have six months to report the error in order to claim free correction, whilst other
applicants were informed that they have up to 12 months. When asked about this, national DHA representatives were unsure as to the official policy.

For the above reasons, it is crucial to ensure that your re-issued identity document is in order as soon as your receive it, as well as to constantly
follow up with the Department regarding your application.

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