Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Interdict Process

Use this process only as a guideline. Each process may change based on circumstance.

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Adopting A Child Process
  • Required Documents –

    • Certified Copy of Identity Documents.

    • Respondents Details.

  • Procedure

    • The process are as follows -

      • Applicant is to approach the district court domestic violence department.

    • On affidavit, the applicant will state the nature, extent and severity of the incident that the respondent has caused him/her. All relevant details such as exact dates, actual words spoken and violent conduct to the applicant must be documented.

    • Domestic violence interdicts may only be brought by family members i.e. mother, father, brother, sister and spouses.

    • The magistrate will grant an order against the respondent intending to prevent further violence, failing which criminal prosecution may take place.

    • Respondents have the opportunity to respond to the allegations before a final order is granted.