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Criminal Matter

Use this process only as a guideline. Each process may change based on circumstance.

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Criminal Matter
  • Procedure

    • The process are as follows -

      • The fixed address of the accused must be provided and verified by the investigating officer.

    • The amount of bail requested can be disclosed.

    • The flight risk possibilities must be hypothesized.

    • The court must be addressed on the issue of handing in the passport.

    • The family responsibilty and ties to the community must be addressed by the court.

    • Any previous conviction status must be disclosed to the court.

    • *The accused would not have contact with the witnesses and complainant /victim.
      Hi, I’m Kailash Pillay, an attorney from the city of Johannesburg. My passion for the law
      stems from a desire to improve upon the lives of the vulnerable who fall prey to a
      corrupt system.
      I studied at the University of Johannesburg where I obtained my Bachelor of Laws
      degree, the starting point to the long journey of becoming a legal practitioner.
      This profession has taught me to persevere through the complexities of the law and to
      continually develop my skills as a legal professional.