Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance Process

Use this process only as a guideline. Each process may change based on circumstance.

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Adopting A Child Process
  • Required Documents –

    • Birth Certificate of Child/Children.

    • Certified Identity Documents of Parents.

    • Payslips of Parents.

  • Procedure

    • The process are as follows -

      • Applicant must approach local magistrate’s court, child maintenance court.

    • Applicant must provide his/her income and expenses.

    • Applicant must apply for the relevant maintenance based of the relevant needs of the child/children.

    • Each parent is responsible for 50% (Fifty Percent) responsibility of care of the child/children.

    • Expenses may include medical, schooling, clothing and entertainment.

    • Children 18 and under are entitled legally to be maintained by both parents.